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Written By - Channon Sharples - June 12,2014

4 Reasons to Love Studying Law

When first entering upon studying law at university, you have no idea what you are doing or why you are doing it. Indeed, you question why you are there at all. This is because of the endless case studies, petrifying reading lists, and endless questions you have no idea how to answer. If you deny that you have a desire to run off and go into a hiding, you are a liar.

But once you’ve past the first months, you begin to appreciate yourself for not letting this make your dream come to an end. You become proud of yourself each time you pass over a hurdle, and impressed when you begin to know the answers to questions you only once vaguely remembered a reference to. And then you begin to let yourself start partying to reward yourself for all your hard work.

So remember, studying law can be fun. Stick to it, and you will meet the party pals of a lifetime. Here are our four main reasons to love studying law:

1. You get insight into a huge range of law disciplines.

In studying law, you are a part of a huge community that manages to affect everything. You are the under base of how the world keeps its order. For this, studying law gives you the freedom to develop your interest in almost anything. From sociology in family law, to geo-politics in international law; from medicine in tort law, to economics in contract law; law gives you the chance to flex your create muscles and find what suits you best. 

2. You will not fail to impress.

Everyone knows that having a law degree, or indeed even studying law, is impressive. Each time you mention it to somebody, a person’s jaw will drop. This is one reason why studying law is worth it, because you know you have achieved something truly worth achieving. Each time a person says, “Wow, well done” you can pat yourself on the back and say, “Yes, I did it.” Hard work pays off.

3. The international attraction of an English law degree.

One of the great and truly valuable perks of studying law is the amount of different ethics you will meet along the way. You will be studying with students from around the world, and will be able to discuss the law systems from many different perspectives. The English common law system is influential across the world and studying it gives you real perspective on the value of your chosen subject, as well as an awesome insight into other legal systems.

4. Law groups will be the most socialized and active group on campus.

The general appeal for law students is that it is almost a law in itself to be present at all the events on campus. And the law society is the one that organises the best. From balls to networking events, debates to discussions, your social diary will be heaving. Everyone will know your face.

This in itself is reason enough to study law.