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Different ways to network

Written By - Joshua Watts - August 30,2019

Different ways to network

Alternative ways to network

Networking is a crucial part of success for many careers, especially in the legal sector. Whether you’re looking to land your Newly Qualified in-house legal job, or you’re already an industry professional, networking is great for securing referrals, career opportunities or acquiring clientele.
There are many legal networking events happening that provide the perfect environment for many people to make contacts and establish relationships. However, some people excel at networking in a more informal and natural environment. In this article, we’re listing some of the best alternative places to network.

Social media is great to keep in touch with friends and post funny photos, but don’t forget it can also be utilised as a tool to help further your career. The main platform for professional use is LinkedIn, where you are able to expand your network and connect with possible employers and peers. Don’t just connect with people on LinkedIn and leave it there, be sure to promote yourself through regular posts that show your skills.
At the gym

When attempting to network at the gym, be conscious that many people won’t want to be approached when they’re red-faced and sweaty. However, gyms are full of professionals during lunch breaks and after work time, so if you happen to start a conversation with someone, be sure to seize the opportunity. Our tip is to always carry a few business cards, you never know when they’re going to be useful.
Sports Clubs

Don’t forget that sporting events and exercise clubs are a great place to meet all sorts of people. Sign up to a local sports club such as football or netball, and you can exercise whilst expanding your contacts.

You’ll be surprised at the types of people you can meet at group exercise classes. Join a sports class such as yoga, Zumba or spinning, and see if you can start a conversation with other participants.
Cafes and bars

When you’re living in a big city, you’ll notice the bars will be bustling with professional people most evenings. You’ll be surprised how many of these people will continue to talk about work after hours. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself if you’re nearby, however, make sure to avoid being overly eager and formal, instead focus on being friendly and chatty.

When you want to try and network at social events a top tip is to try to forget that’s your motive. Let the conversation flow naturally and focus on making a good impression rather than bombarding people with facts and information about you.
Going to a café is another alternative way to network. Many cafés now have communal workspaces where people can enjoy good coffee, WIFI and a productive environment
Community Programs

A great place to network is by participating in a community program. Even if the program doesn’t seem relevant to the legal sector, they provide fantastic opportunities to meet new people.
You can network everywhere

The truth is, you can network almost everywhere. It’s important to always be prepared for the next opportunity to meet future employers, new clients or other professionals who can share their expertise with you.

The secret to networking is to be approachable and prepared