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Why use Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance when growing your legal team

Written By - Administrator - February 24,2016

1. Top talent is not easy to recruit

Not enough hours in the day! Work, continuous development/training, eat, sleep oh and a little thing not know to some as life (outside of the office)! It can be difficult for lawyers to promote themselves within their sector whilst remaining under the radar.  Who has time to actively think about a career change let alone begin to look for one.
Often the best candidates are not actively looking for a career change. Passive candidates may not visible on LinkedIn, active on job boards or other recruitment platforms/media. This means they may never know you are recruiting or that you have the perfect position for them!
2. Time

Trying to split your time between your specialism, legal and recruitment can be a difficult & frustrating task. This coupled with constant economic changes, some HR teams have lost resources and often do not have the time to develop the expertise to recruit.  
3. Stress

Recruiting top talent is a full time position. Endless phone calls, emails, interviews, no-shows, scheduling, then rescheduling, checking references and questioning whether you have made the right decisions based on what you were able to find.  Full candidate preparation ensures that candidates are ready. It also ensures actual interest, CV’s received are professional and any delicate situations should they arise, can be managed by ourselves.
4. Confidentiality

Confidentiality is a big element as to why top talent do not always apply directly. There are a number of reasons candidates need/want to protect their confidentiality which would stop them from applying. Relationships between firms, competitors and their job security to name a few.Klein Hamilton Legal & Financecan approach & engage with candidates who want to protect their confidentiality.
5. Negotiation

The employment relationship begins during negotiations, losing the candidate at this stage is not what you want. Vetting candidates and pre-qualifying candidates prior to the offer minimizes the chance of rejection. It can also save you time and promotes positive relations.  Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance operate exclusively in legal recruitment. Our time is committed to legal recruitment which allows you to concentrate on the core area of your business. Who better to attract the attention than a partner with relationships and access to the very best in legal talent?

Working with us does not take the decision making away from you. Our goal is to bring you exceptionally qualified lawyers that meet your practice area needs so that you may continue to grow your legal practice. We hold professionalism, integrity and confidentiality at the forefront of our business.

The above are just 5 key areas to consider before beginning the task of growing your legal team.  Call us now for impartial and confidential advice as to your requirements.  Feel confident in our experience to advise you on growing sectors, latest industry news and salary surveys. We are one of the most well known Legal Recruitment consultancies within legal recruitment. We are strategically located in the South, Midlands, North West and Yorkshire.

Visit our Employers section  (www.kleinhamilton.co.uk/for-employers) which explains our in depth six stage search process.  Hence inspiring confidence as to our vigorous quality driven Candidate process and why we are trusted by many law firms countrywide who are Magic Circle, Silver circle, Legal 500 and SME.