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Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance Team Up With Top Masseuse

Written By - Sam Haynes - April 18,2016

The Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance team put in a great amount of work, week in, week out. All of the successes and achievements have been a result of bright and intelligent minds at play.

However, these minds do tend to get tired and the bodies that they are connected with, even more so. Happily, the Senior Management team at Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance have added yet another perk! Batteries are being recharged and full power is being restored at just the right time.    

We are happy to announce that Hayley Hayes has joined the Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance team and will be providing her therapeutic services for the foreseeable future. This is a move that has thrilled company staff and left them feeling invigorated.

One lucky individual has already undergone an appointment with Hayley and was extremely keen to discuss her experience. Rashila, a Recruitment Consultant at Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance said; Let’s put it this way, she tackles all the right pressure points. She is a friendly and warm person who makes you feel extremely relaxed. Hayley is dedicated to ensuring that your visit is beautiful, from the second you walk through the door, to the moment you leave. I have never walked out of a massage feeling as rejuvenated and full of life’.

This recommendation has sent the office into frenzy and each member of the Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance  team cannot wait to relax and unwind. Some of us have definitely appreciated the work that Hayley has carried out so far and the rest are looking forward to seeing (or feeling) this for themselves!       

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