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Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance Show Support To The Booth Centre

Written By - Sam Haynes - December 20,2016

The Booth Centre is a registered charity and day centre that offers advice, activities and support to the homeless in Manchester. As a result of voluntary donations, they can continue to provide support, training, creative activities and advice to everyone who requires their help.
Manned by a number of volunteers and members of staff, the Booth Centre provides Manchester’s homeless with accommodation, medical care, training courses, help to find work and counselling to beat addictions.
Ultimately, the centre aims to provide a warm environment and help the homeless to make strong decisions and positive changes in their lives. Alongside access to this support and advice, the centre also offers shower/changing facilities and the opportunity to utilise IT equipment.
After learning of the work that the Booth Centre carries out,Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance were eager to assist with a donation. Before visiting the centre, each member of the Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance team chipped in and raised a grand total of £500. This amount was then presented personally to Amy (Fundraising Manager) at the Pimblett Street location.
During our stay at the centre, we witnessed the effort first-hand and gained a better understanding of how homeless people in Manchester can resolve their problems and comprehend a better future.

Michael Kahn (Operations Director) added: “We are always striving to identify local charities who are able to make headway with funds provided and allow us the transparency to work together as partners to see results very quickly.  Booth Centre’s strategy is unique, as they provide the homeless with a valued environment where all can feel at ease. We are confident they will use such aid in allowing those who visit the Booth Centre a proper Christmas.”
Following the visit, it was clear that the Booth Centre provides both a hospitable and accepting environment for people who are homeless. It was a pleasure to make a contribution towards their cause and, going forward,Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance are looking to establish this connection in the future.