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Hard work pays off! ‘Apprentice of the Year’ Yoned Khan

Written By - Sam Haynes - April 08,2016

After a long and challenging 12 months, Yoned Khan has now crossed the finishing line. A journey starting in March 2015 has now been completed and Yoned has never looked back.

Yoned has epitomised what is possible through participating whole-heartedly in his apprenticeship programme. His exceptional appetite for learning has resulted in embracing all learning opportunities within the role, has proved a consistently well-performing individual and as a consequence he has acquired an array skills in a variety of areas. 

The opportunity for learning whilst applying newly-acquired skills in a busy environment has been much appreciated by Yoned who says:

‘The job is very varied, depending on the needs of candidates and clients. I truly am grateful for the opportunities given to progress and develop my career within Recruitment, here at Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance. With the support of my colleagues, in particular the Directors and my Manager, I feel my confidence has grown massively since March 2015, when I initially joined  Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance.

Within the first month of my career, I was given the opportunity to source and interview legal professionals (which plays a massive part towards the organisation) and I was truly surprised how quickly I grew within the business with the training and support provided.

Clearly, this shows how the mentoring provided here at  Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance is outstanding and I believe one mentor could be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income. I have enjoyed every minute of my career spent at  Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance and with the continued support I receive from my colleagues, I will reach my long-term goal which is to become an exceptional Recruitment Consultant!’

Progression is expected from both the apprentice and their colleagues and this develops the impetus towards the individual’s knowledge, expansion and function. Success is reliant on the outlook of said people and their surroundings.

Dan Pringle (Operations Manager) couldn’t hide his support for Yoned and said, Yoned has been a real pleasure to work with. From the beginning, I could see he had a desire and hunger to achieve and he has taken to his apprenticeship and his internal training and development with a focus and determination I have rarely seen.

I believe that Yoned's apprenticeship has given him a solid foundation in recruitment, but it is due to his own hard-work and tenacity that he has achieved such great results. Yoned is now continuing his development within Account Management and has a number of new challenges ahead of him.

I am confident however, that Yoned will meet these challenges head-on and continue to develop towards becoming an exceptional Recruitment Consultant. Well done Yoned, keep up the good work! 

For Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance and Yoned it’s evident that they have witnessed fantastic results, found the apprenticeship of great value and this in turn has shaped how Yoned has evolved in his role. Yoned’s success in performing the role has led to his employment demonstrating great worth to the company and its achievements. His attitude and dedication has already earned him this award and a hefty salary rise!  Hard work really does pay off at Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance!

Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance currently have a strong Apprenticeship programme and have four active apprentices within the company. Their strategic learning model allows the Apprentice to naturally develop their skills into various positions within the company. Michael Kahn (Operations Director) says: "At 18 years old, no company provided me such a programme to flourish my potential and ability onto the next level.  Anyone who is young, hungry to achieve and determined to do well within their career, regardless of experience, whether it be Administration, Resourcing, Account Management or Recruitment Consultant, we will put in 200% effort into the Apprentice if they give us 100%.

Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance are an Accredited Legal Recruitment Consultancy who advise on recruitment strategy for some of the biggest names in the legal sector, with geographic locations in Manchester, London, Birmingham and Leeds.  For any recruitment advice, feel free to make contact with Klein Hamilton Legal & Finance via the following link. www.kleinhamilton.co.uk