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Day in the Life: Banking & Finance Lawyer

Written By - Channon Sharples - June 22,2015

Day in the Life: Banking & Finance Lawyer

Pearl Rabali is a Banking & Finance Lawyer in Private Practice. We spoke to her about what her job is really like.  

What Is Your Current Role?
I am a Banking & Finance Lawyer in a well-known international private practice firm.
What Skills Do You See As Important In Your Existing Role? 
Drafting skills, communication skills and an understanding of global commercial issues.
What Made You Get Into The Legal Industry?
I wanted to be a politician and since every politician is a lawyer so I went into law. Once I completed my degree I had to qualify and after being exposed to the banking & finance department, I have never looked back.

What Made You Decide To Stay In Private Practice Rather Than Move In-House?
I think every lawyer should stay in private practice long enough to get a broad range of exposure to different types of work and in my case transactions.  Private practice gives a lawyer an exceptional opportunity to gain an understanding of how the different lenders and companies operate. You are quickly exposed to a lot more variety than you would be if you worked for a company or a bank after qualifying. I also believe you are more valuable to any institution or company if you can show exposure to a broad range of work and have a few years under your belt.
What Advice Would You Give A Newly-Qualified Lawyer Who Is Looking For A Job In Private Practice? 
It is important to find a good firm that can provide a wide range of transactions/cases to help you grow as a lawyer. It is also very important to work with well-respected lawyers in the legal industry as all great deals will in all likelihood end up on their desks and you can get good training to help you in the future as a lawyer. Never underestimate finding a job in a good firm. 
What Advice Would You Give To Someone Looking To Move From Another Industry Into Law? 
I would tell them to prepare themselves for a lot of constant hard work since law is very demanding and requires constant up-skilling whether it be in terms of drafting skills or understanding a financing structure in the market, you always have to keep up-to-date with what is going in the financial sector, stay ahead of competitors as well as keep on top of legislation and case law. It can be a lot of work but very exciting at the same time as you will never be bored.