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What makes a CV really stand out?

Written By - Anthony - June 05,2014

This subject has probably been covered a million times over with CV templates and various other topics surrounding what you should write about, everything you need is inside your mind, everyone has the potential to score the job they have always wanted. Employers are looking more than ever for creative minds, what better way to show how creative you really than creating a CV video?

Why video CV’s Increase your chances of scoring a job!

As the world evolves more and more in everyday life, so does the recruitment techniques and now more than ever it has been harder for people to score jobs in whatever industry they are in, employers are looking for talented individuals and maybe your written CV wasn’t enough on its own.

What is a Video CV?

A video CV is a video about you and your experiences you have had in your life career. It’s basically the same as the written CV but it’s presented by yourself where you can talk about your life goals and what achievements you have accomplished in previous work places and how you can thrive with the talent you have in any workplace.

How do I prepare for a video CV?

Firstly write yourself a video CV script, this will help you cover all the subjects you wish to choose from, it will help you gain an understanding of what to talk about while doing your CV video and it will help you sound more clear and professional, a well structured CV can bring you many job opportunities a well structured and presented video CV can land you the job you’ve always wanted!

How to make a Video CV?

You can make a video CV by recording it on your mobile phone, the camera equipped in your lap top if it has one, or alternatively you can get a friend to help you and they can record the presentation CV for you, leaving you to focus on your presentation.

Once it’s done, it’s a good idea to upload it to YouTube, this way when you send out your CV easily to employers,  you can also gage how many times its been viewed by employers this will also help you gage how effective your video CV has been, from views to response rate.

Video CV Script

If your having trouble with writing a Video CV Script then don’t worry, we have provided some of the areas employers want to know!

·         Introduce yourself – Hello my name is……..

·         Tell your viewers about your education – I studied at such a school and I was graded A+ in English maths etc, I used these qualifications to help me get into collage/university until… my qualifications are…….

·         What are your previous work experiences and what did you learn from them experiences?

·         Tell the employer what you did exactly at each work experience you have been in

·         Tell the employer what they want to hear - Hard working team member if you think there is a skill that you have that is useful to them explain why and how it works.

·         Lastly tell the employer about yourself, let them know your likes, if you are available to start working right away, how easy you are able to get to any location such as you own and drive your own vehicle or close to public transport.

Here are some video CV examples

If you are still struggling with your video CV here are some video CV examples that may further help you to create yours.


Video employment, video recruiting and hiring

Videos employment and video recruiting is becoming more and more popular in the United States. Companies starting to use this technique have had some of the best candidates and other not so good take this Skype interview for instance!

By hearing and been able to see the candidates the employers can gasp how the person presents themselves decreasing the need to interview people.  I think all interviews will be done via Videos such as Skype etc, as many employers are wasting time interviewing potential candidates that maybe wasn’t as good as their CV.

Many employers especially for new work starters will go off how they present themselves in dress and spoken.

A video CV gives them everything they want to know in just one presentation, cutting the costs for the employers and the travelling costs for the candidate.

If you feel you require further assistance creating your video CV, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can give you the advice.