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Richmond Knightley Visit the Telegraph

Written By - Anthony - June 17,2014

Today our Operations Director visited the daily telegraph and could not resist taking a picture on the famous telegraph couch.

Here he is eagerly awaiting our meeting. Nice teeth, not sure about the hair choice for a Monday ;)

After much couch mesmerising, It was time to talk business through interest from the Daily Telegraph in relation to Richmond Knighley Recruitment Solutions being one of the first to directly interact the Client and Candidate through Video / Cover C.V’s.

So what makes people click is what we wanted to know? Do you?

After the meeting we had agreed to come up with some ideas on design for our display advertising and editorial in company with various routes.

We hope the outcome of this campaign will benefit not just us, but people who may benefit from our services by finding the right job for the candidates or the right candidates for the job.

On our way out, Michael was sad to leave the sofa behind. He did make an offer but it was quickly rejected!  Oh well, you can’t blame a tryer.
Watch this space.......