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Human Appeal Charity Event in Manchester RK Recruitment Happy to Contribute to a Greater Cause

Written By - Anthony - June 16,2014

The human appeal charity is a non-profit organisation which works around the globe to help fight against poverty, social injustice and natural disasters which leave people vulnerable human appeal aim to provide effective solutions to improve the quality of life for the unfortunate when it is needed the most.

The Human appeal has been running since 1991 which started as a one bedroom flat in Manchester thanks to the generous donations they have managed to grow into a thriving charity.

It is this sort of help that allows the impossible to become possible, without the contributions of small, medium and enterprise sized businesses from the around the world, it wouldn’t be possible to give the aid people need.

RK Recruitment is proud to be an official contributor to the Human Appeal as we believe contributing to such a charity will support a much higher cause in the long run, without such contributions it would not be possible to provide tools, medical care or food without such contributions we can’t make a change and better the life of the less fortunate.

If you wish to help us support Human Appeal you can make a contribution here: https://humanappeal.org.uk/donate